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SINO-EU SOIL observatory for intelligent land use management

Sino-EU Soil Observatory for Intelligent Land Use Management

Sino-EU Soil Observatory for Intelligent Land Use Management

SIEUSOIL aims to develop sustainable and holistic soil management practices based on a harmonised land information system suitable for diverse climate and operation conditions along different EU and China locations.

A research platform consisting of advanced crop and soil sensing tools, modelling and data fusion, digital soil mapping and farm management information systems will be developed to maximise land productivity and socio-economic benefits, while minimising the environmental impacts.

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Open Micka

Open Micka is a web application for management and discovery geospatial metadata.

OGC Catalogue service (CSW 2.0.2) | Transactions and harvesting | Metadata editor | Multilingual user interface | ISO AP 1.0 profile | Feature catalogue (ISO 19110) | Interactive metadata profiles - management | WFS/Gazetteer for defining metadata - extent GEMET thesaurus built-in client | INSPIRE registry built-in client | OpenSearch ...

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SmartAgriHubs is a € 20 million EU project under Horizon 2020 and brings together a consortium of more than 164 partners in the European agri-food sector. The project aims to realize the digitization of European agriculture by supporting an agricultural innovation ecosystem dedicated to excellence, sustainability and success.

The development and adoption of digital solutions is achieved through a tense ecosystem of 140 digital innovation centers built into 9 regional clusters run by organizations closely involved in regional digitization initiatives and funds.

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